There is something for everyone to do and it’s fun and easy to get involved!

TOYS – We need to collect 10,000 toys.

Would you like to donate toys, purchase toys, or help conduct a toy drive?

GIFTS – We need to collect 10,000 gift items.

Would you like to donate or collect dollar-store gift items for the children to give their parents?

FOOD – Each day we need to feed 500 people.

Would you like to provide a food item or help underwrite the cost of a meal?

VOLUNTEERS – Each day we need 50 volunteers.

Would you, your family, neighbors or company like to volunteer to work at one of our events?

This is a wonderful team-building experience for all those involved.

SPONSORS – We still need sponsors for some of the activity areas.

Would your company, service club, or other organization like to sponsor one of our areas?