• Surveys were distributed to all of the attending schools.
  • Schools were asked to survey at least 1 representative class for each grade level that attended the event.
  • Surveys were distributed 2 months after the school attended the event.
  • We used a 60-day delay in order to ascertain how well the participants remembered the event as a whole and each individual event activity.


  • 25% of the attending students and teachers participated in this survey
  • Every grade level responded
  • 93% of the attending schools returned completed surveys


  • The original survey had just 3 categories to rate the overall event.
    • Didn’t like the event = 0
    • It was OK = 1
    • It was great! = 2
  • During exit interviews, we were surprised to find that many students from every school used the same phrase to describe their experience, so we decided to add it verbatim to the rating categories offered in the survey.
    • It was the best field trip ever! = 3
  • Total Overall Event Rating
    • 49% of the respondents felt the event they attended was “the best field trip ever!”
    • 45% felt the event was “great”
    • 6% felt it was “OK”
    • All of the respondents “liked” their experience at the event
    • Overall rating score was 2.44 out of a possible 3 (best field trip ever!)


  • Overall event rating data was also tabulated by grade level
    • Pre-Kindergarten rated the overall event with a 2 (great) out of a possible 3 (best field trip ever)
    • Kindergarten rated it 2.7
    • First Grade rated it 2.45
    • Second grade rated it 2.32
    • Third Grade rated it 2.38










  • The children were asked to select their top 3 favorite event activities
  • The following list was compiled from their responses


  • A major goal for us was to create an event that would be so fantastic and memorable that the activities would be remembered and the information presented would be retained.  It would appear that we have achieved that goal.
  • The activities offered were accepted and enjoyed across all of the participating grade levels, our target group.
  • Programmatically, the event was solid and exceeded all of our highest expectations.
  • Logistically, there are several areas we can improve in future events (more tables, more bathrooms, more space, a quieter venue, consistency in quality of toys and gifts, additional volunteer training, greeters, etc.).
  • The scope and quantity of activities combined with the number of volunteers, school staff, and chaperones present, resulted in a very organized event that was free of any incidents or injuries.