This is a Chroma key green-screen special effects video studio.  The children learn about special effects techniques by appearing on camera and performing a variety of video illusions, from flying to becoming invisible.  A DVD of their performances is recorded.

Purpose: While teaching high-tech video special effects, a subject that will captivate the children, this activity encourages participants to try new things and to look closer at the world around them.  Sometimes things that look real aren’t real at all.

92% of the children liked this activity.

“They loved watching themselves & their friends disappear.”

“They liked seeing themselves on TV.  Neat idea!”

“The kids had fun watching their friends disappear.”

“Great activity!



The children help Captain Dave find his lost treasure, and in the process, find some gold doubloons for themselves.  The items are buried in a sandbox that’s shaped like a pirate ship.  The children carefully sift through the sand to locate buried artifacts.   While challenging, the activity is designed so that every child succeeds.

Purpose: This activity encourages the children to explore life to find the hidden treasures it holds.  The lesson is that life’s true treasures usually require hard work.

95% of the children liked this activity.

“They kept talking about being pirates like in “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

“Dirt + treasure = fun.”

“Need more time.”

“This was great because they were able to take the coins home.”

“They really liked this one!”

“They wanted to keep the treasure!!!”

“This was one of their favorites.”

“They liked the digging part.  They made it into a competition among each other.”



Our camp staff greets the children and has them sit around our campfire in an area designed to provide the thrill of a real camping experience.  There are trees, shrubs, and a realistic (faux) campfire.  The children are given an animal-print pith helmet to wear while they are in the camp.  The storyteller leads the children reading a book, which is projected the wall behind the storyteller, so everyone can see the pictures and read along.

Purpose: While enjoying the fun of a campfire, the children assist a storyteller as a book is read aloud, building self-confidence while using their reading skills.

61% of the children liked this activity.

“They loved the fake campfire.”

“The story projected on the wall was an awesome visual aid.”

“My kids loved story time.”

“Need more time.”

“We loved the hats!!”

“The story was good.”

“Fascinated by the fire.”