While waiting for their turn visiting with Santa, the children are given temporary Christmas tattoos.

Purpose: This area gives the children something positive to do while they wait in line to have their picture taken.  It also provides our volunteers with the opportunity to positively interact with the children.

96% of the children liked this activity.

“They loved the tattoo.”

“Tattoos are a hit.”

“Helped kill time for Santa.”

“What a fantastic idea!”





Each child is given two copies of the picture of their visit with Santa for their parents.

Purpose: This area provides the gift of memories.  Constraints often prevent families from taking pictures of their children as they grow up. Unfortunately, time passes quickly and there is no way to replace those lost memories.  The Santa visit itself is a nurturing experience designed to heal damaged self-concept by addressing their self-image, self-esteem, and sense of self-worth.

98% of the children liked this activity.

“A favorite!”

“Santa was good.”

“Loved it – Very excited!”

“Thank you for the pictures!”

“The pictures were great!  Thanks!”

“They loved getting the picture back!”

“Thank you for giving us the pictures!”

“Thank you for sending us our Santa pictures.”

“They especially enjoyed receiving their pictures.”

“Very nice of you to print pictures and give them to students!”

“This was wonderful for those students who never get the opportunity to take a picture with Santa.”



Each child is allowed to enter the toy area and select whatever toy they would like.  The area is well stocked with an abundance of toys, so the last child has as good a selection to choose from as the first.

Purpose: This area provides the gift of choice.  Often, during times of hardship, children are expected to settle for whatever they are given.  What they want becomes irrelevant.  This activity lets them know that their feelings do matter, that they have choices in life, and helps them develop the thought processes necessary to make good choices.

99% of the children liked this activity.

“Thank you!”

“They loved choosing a toy.”

“Very gracious gifts.”

“Nice gift for the children.”

“They loved this!”

“Very nice toys.”

“Great quality gifts.”

“Great choices!”

“That was very generous to give all the kids a present.”

“The toys were great!”

“Loved picking out a toy!”

“It was nice to have new presents for them.  We appreciate that most of all!!”