“It was the best day of my life!”
Janoah, 3rd Grade​

PRINCIPAL – “My first year as principal at Laird School, teachers shared with me that the event at Christmas for the students and families was amazing. Over the past 25 years I have seen and actively participated in many charitable events during my career so I figured it would be similar. WOW! Was I wrong! What Patrick and his PNA elves do for the students and families of Laird is like NOTHING I have ever witnessed. The day of the visit to school our library is transformed into Santa’s workshop and the rest of the school becomes Winter Wonderland. Our young children are welcomed into Santa’s workshop to choose unwrapped gifts and a professional color photo with Santa. Throughout the building there are students caroling, making ornaments and playing games.”

SCHOOL – “Patrick and his team are not only engaging and fun, but are also professional and efficient. They have all the materials needed for 5 different exciting stations and set up is easy and done within an hour. Patrick is the perfect Santa and the kids loved his jolly spirit. We also got the best pictures taken by their amazing photographer, and we get printed copies. They ask for nearly nothing in return. This is one of our school’s favorite events of the year! Thank you!”

SCHOOL – “For the past three years we’ve had the privilege of having Santa come to our town. On the day he arrives the school becomes a magical place where students are felt loved and nurtured as Santa takes time to greet and take a picture with each student taking a few moments to connect and make a difference to these kids. Next, students get to go and choose a gift. For some of these kids, this may be the only gift they receive this holiday season. I cannot even describe to you the look of joy that we see on every students face. Students then get to go and walk through the artifact museum filled with the history of Santa Claus and learn the generosity of how a giving heart can affect the lives of so many around you. Then they are off to go sing Christmas carols as they wait for everyone to finish. This system flows perfectly so our staff is happy, the kids are happy, and it’s the best way to kick off our holiday season. Positive Network Alliance impacts our students and families creating a lasting experience. Families look forward to this event every year. We feel blessed and fortunate to have this opportunity come to our school every year.”

VOLUNTEER – “Positive Network Alliance is by far the most extraordinary nonprofit I have ever come across. I first learned about it at a rotary club meeting and met Santa for the first time. I volunteered for PNA the first year, about 3 or 4 years ago and couldn’t believe my eyes of what they do for impoverished children throughout the valley and neighboring cities. PNA provides a gift that many children are not able to experience sometimes in their very own home. The joy on children’s faces every year and year after still melts my heart!”

SCHOOL – “Santa day at Laird is one of my favorite days as a teacher. Seeing my students full of joy to see Santa come down the hallways always brings a tear to my eye. This program is like none I have ever seen before. The students love the different rotations they get to take part of like a craft, Santa museum, even a visit with Santa and the opportunity to choose any toy they want. I always love the pictures that the students take with Santa, you see pure happiness on their faces and it is a nice keepsake for their parents who may not otherwise be able to afford Santa pictures. This program will be something these children remember for a lifetime. I cannot say enough good things about it.”

SCHOOL – “We are so thankful at Constitution Elementary for Santa and Positive Network Alliance. We are a high poverty school and many of our students do not have the same holiday experiences that other children do. PNA provides a gift, book and an amazing SANTA experience with interactive games and props for our students. They love it and it is exciting to see the smile on our student’s faces every year. Thank you PNA!”

SCHOOL – “Our school had been blessed to have this network working with our students and staff for the last three years! We are a title one school and our students often miss out on many opportunities due to things outside of their control. This Network selflessly supports students with a chance to enjoy the holiday season without adding any stress to their families.”

BOARD – “I need to express how great it is to work with such a talented group of volunteers. These events take a lot of work over the course of a full year to produce, and every step along the way are enthusiastic volunteers eager to get involved with their time, expertise, and donations. It’s an impressive support team that has developed over the decades and has continued to grow.”

VOLUNTEER – “I volunteered for the Garcia School Holiday Event with Santa. I can tell you it’s so gratifying to see children’s face light up when they see Santa, it’s what the holidays are all about. Positive Network Alliance does an incredible job holding this event, offering hope and a fun day for students.”

SCHOOL – “This nonprofit is amazing. They give children who would otherwise not have a Merry Christmas and experience the joy of giving a beautiful experience. The look on the children’s faces is priceless. It’s so humbling to see them ask if they can give a gift to their mom or a sibling. The gifts are top quality and you can tell that a lot of thought and love goes into this nonprofit. Positive Network Alliance deserves a lot of credit for their generosity. I enjoy it as much as my students. God Bless You!”

VOLUNTEER – “I volunteered for the Garcia School Holiday Event with Santa. I can tell you it’s so gratifying to see children’s face light up when they see Santa, it’s what the holidays are all about. Positive Network Alliance does an incredible job holding this event, offering hope and a fun day for students.”

SCHOOL SOCIAL WORKER – “I can tell that this event is one the most ego-enhancing experiences that students participate in all year! And it has been a true blessing to have Pat and his elves return each year. Pat is a wonderful man with a huge heart for children. He and his collaborative partners continue to work tirelessly to promote positive well-being in children all over the state of
Arizona. Thank you!”

VOLUNTEER – “Christmas Tree programs at impoverished schools are amazing. I have volunteered at Garcia School (98% Poverty rate) for two years now. The children are provided NEW toys of their choosing, an overwhelming experience for many. They become fully engaged in the Santa Claus Museum, thank you letters to Santa, book fair, and of course pictures with Santa. The ‘gifts’ these children come away with are priceless feelings of importance (they matter), gift of choice, nurturing and compassionate ‘elves’ showering kids with love, and a truly Fun, Safe activity. It’s a tug-at-your-heart-strings event, and even the teachers and staff are overwhelmed with emotion.”

PRINCIPAL – “I believe this has been our seventh year of having Santa come to Cactus Wren. I am the principal of this school and we consider this day one of the best experiences of our whole school year. The joy of our students and the amazing efforts of all the business partnerships that make this endeavor possible truly touch the hearts of our students, staff, and community.”

SCHOOL – “It was an absolute joy to see our students meet Santa and participate in sing-a-longs, see Santa’s suits, select a toy from Santa’s workshop and get a picture and a book. This event is highly anticipated and it was great to see the community supporting our school here at Laird. I am thrilled with the organization Positive Network Alliance and the fact that they came to our school! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

SCHOOL – “They are amazing!!! Wonderful to work with and a great community partner!! Love them and all they do!”

SCHOOL – “PNA’s Christmas project at our school is phenomenal!! I am a teacher at Laird Elementary in Tempe, AZ. The kids in grades K-3 get a toy, a pic with Santa, do an art project, sing Christmas karaoke and visit the Santa Museum. The kids, parents and teachers love this event. It is well run and looked forward to every year. PNA is an exceptional non-profit.”

COMMUNITY – “This organization is so incredible. I am thankful to Patrick and the many smiles he provides to hundreds of students each year as Santa, providing these young people with the joy of the season that they might not otherwise have the opportunity to experience.”

SCHOOL – “I am lucky enough to work at a school that is impacted by PNA! The absolute joy our kids received was immeasurable. So many of our kids dread the holidays, as it can be a time for them to feel dismal about their lives. PNA has really changed the lives of our kids in ways that they will never know.”

SCHOOL – “Being my first year with the Tempe School District, I was not familiar with The Positive Network Alliance. I was so amazed at the support! My preschoolers were so excited when they saw Santa! They brought tears to my eyes, just watching them with Santa! I couldn’t believe the amount of age appropriate toys they furnished. This is such a wonderful nonprofit organization.”

PROFESSIONAL – “I am blessed to work in a field that serves children on a daily basis. Positive Network Alliance has touched the lives of thousands of children, families, and professionals that work with them. The joy I have received over the many years they have served my community is immeasurable and the memories will last a lifetime.”

BOARD – “I absolutely love PNA! The groups, children, and families PNA serves are wonderful and always appreciative of what we provide them. PNA’s philosophy of unconditional love and acceptance is the real Magic of Christmas, providing a safe, nurturing place where those attending feel welcome and are encouraged to develop their potential. I also like their emphasis on providing activities that allow children to be creative. AWESOME!”

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